Irrespective of age, availability of quality healthcare is a factor that affects all citizens, including retirees. Clifton has a fully licensed and accredited acute care general hospital within its city limits, as well as seven additional hospitals within 60 miles of any address in the community. Goodall-Witcher Healthcare Foundation, in Clifton, has been awarded the Solucient “Top 100 Rural Hospitals” in the United States in 2004 and 2005. Services available through the various hospitals include managed care as well as the traditional fee for service.

While many counties in rural areas qualify as “underserved” relative to physicians, Clifton is fortunate to have several full-time physicians serving the clinic and hospital staff, as well as multiple specialty physicians who practice in the clinic and hospital on the Active and Allied Medicine staff. Clifton also has six mid-level practitioners (i.e, Family Nurse Practitioners) who have received advanced medical training and assist physicians in delivery of care.

There are four pharmacies in the county, three of whom are located in Clifton. One of the pharmacies employs two full-time pharmacists, while the remaining three employ a pharmacist with “back-up” assistance. Additionally, the hospital also employs a full-time pharmacist. Each of the pharmacies provides 24-hour “emergency” prescription services.

Historically Clifton has attracted individuals reaching retirement from surrounding areas due to the reputation of the hospital and clinic, as well as long term care services which include Assisted Living as well as nursing facility care which are described in this section.

Emergency Medical Services

North Bosque EMS is a county-wide non-profit emergency ambulance service subsidized by Bosque County and supported by all cities in the county. North Bosque provides 24-hour paid emergency medical service and is fully certified and staffed with qualified personnel. At least one of the units is permanently located in Clifton, providing ambulance service within 5 minutes to any citizen located in the city. Goodall-Witcher is a Level IV Trauma Hospital as certified by the Texas Emergency Medical Services Trauma System. In addition to ground ambulance, air EMS is available to transport emergency patients to a tertiary center for trauma/specialty physician care.

The Clifton Fire Department possesses a Heart of Texas Regional Hazmat Trailer that, in conjunction with HAZMAT trained fireman, is available in the event of a spill or contamination of a hazardous material. Goodall-Witcher Hospital's DECON team is also trained to receive patients that may have been exposed to a similar material.