Clifton a Certified Retirement Community

Clifton was designated in October 2009 as a Certified Retirement Community by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The recognition was officially announed by Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples during a visit to Clifton, during which he also presented Clifton city leaders with the Texas Department of Agriculture's 2009 Hardworking Rural Community Shining Star Award.

Go Texas Certified Retirement Community"Congratulations to the citizens and leaders of Clifton for achieving this notable certification and award," Commissioner Staples said. "Innovative community spirit, sound leadership, unrivaled dedication and hard work are having an impact on the future of rural Texas. Clifton's efforts to become a GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community and receive awards such as the Shining Star Award are excellent examples of what happens when people work together toward a common vision of making their community a better place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire."

To become a Certified Retirement Community, communities must complete an application and retirement desirability assessment covering a wide range of topics, including demographics, tax structure, local housing availability, safety, employment opportunities, availability of health care services, public transportation and more.

More information can be seen on the Retire in Texas website.

Official news release regarding the recognition of Clifton as a Certified Retirement Community.